What is a dark star?

Why we chose this name:


According to the Oxford Dictionary, a dark star is a star like object which emits little or no visible light. Its existence is inferred from other evidence, such as the eclipsing of other stars.

Simply put, there is something in the universe that we physically cannot see. There are experiences that indicate that something does exist, but we cannot see it or prove that actually exists. To us, that sounds just like the paranormal world around us. We all have had experiences and in our hearts, we know those experience are real, but our minds try to convince us that it was just our imagination. We don’t to tell anyone because of the fear they will ridicule us for believing something is happening to us when there is no physical evidence.

This is where DarkStar Paranormal comes in…We believe you and want to help you. We make no judgment calls on what you believe. Actually, from our experiences, we do believe that you have experienced something. What it is we cannot tell until we investigate. Our investigation will lead to one of three findings. It is something natural, it is paranormal, or it just cannot be explained.

We do not jump to conclusions nor will we say it is something it is not. We use both scientific and spiritual methods in our investigation techniques. There are no experts in the area of study and we do not claim to be experts. We also do not claim to have all the answers, but we are willing to give 100% in order to find answers by utilizing outside sources, and even then, we may never find the answer. That is just how the paranormal realm works right now until we can better understand how to measure it or record it.

Our goal is to help people who feel as if they have nowhere else to turn. We make no promises that we can find out what is truly at the root of your problem, but we are willing to help you find an answer. We are not in this for fame or glory. We do not want a television show nor do we want to make you celebrities. All we want to do is to assist you with obtaining some sense of normalcy back into your life.

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